Desktop Research

Vista Information is a discrete information consultancy group that began operations in July 2005. We specialise in desktop research, servicing an array of institutions including: government departments, law firms, investment banks, public and private corporations, fund managers, private equity firms, and stockbroking firms, both in Australia and Asia. Our mission at Vista is to support our clients success, by providing timely, comprehensive and accurate research outputs, in a cost effective manner.

The team at Vista has over 40 years of experience within the information management field. The majority of our work has been within the corporate, financial, government and legal market segments.


We provide analysis of companies both public and private from across the globe. This analysis can be a brief one pager or an in-depth analysis. We can also monitor any company on an on-going basis.


This service allows you to keep up to date with news from your competitors and with what is going on in your industry. We can provide this on a weekly basis (ask us if you want it on a daily basis). We utilise paid sources and the internet to provide you with the most up to date and reliable competitive intelligence service. Research scope can span across products and services, in addition to corporate level information.


This service allows you to keep abreast of what is happening within your industry. We provide a weekly overview of any new reports, media articles and industry analysis within your chosen industry(s). We can also provide (actual Source documentation) the full reports if required.


This biography service provides background information on senior personnel within organisations (including government institutions). We can access information on management teams from around the globe.


This service details what deals are happening in your industry. We cover mergers and acquisitions, capital raisings (equity and debt), structured financing, restructuring and bankruptcy deals from all over the world.


Specifically aimed at the funds and asset management industry this service provides any new announcements, media, shareholder and regulatory reports on the companies in your portfolio.

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