Our Process

Vista has the skills to provide in-depth desk research across company financial, industry, economic, and market data. This can be provided as a one-off piece of research or on an on-going basis. Our process is explained below:

Client request

“We require in-depth knowledge of the solar renewable market place in Asia and Europe”

Research interview

Vista Information asked the following questions:

  • Define Asia and Europe
  • Do you need a list of companies with their operational strategies?
  • Do you want independent research?
  • What is your timeframe?
Preliminary search of sources

Vista Information then spent 20 minutes assessing what sources are available and calculated costs for both time and resources

Quote produced for client
Client approves quote
Research undertaken
  • A list of companies was compiled in the space with revenue figures and corporate strategies
  • Market analysis undertaken using:
    • new sources
    • industry reports
    • company information
  • This information was then packaged and sent to the client
  • Client came back with more focused requests i.e. “South Korea looks interesting, can you find more companies in this space?”
Final information sent to client
Client confirms information is OK
Vista Information invoices client